Welcome to a new year and a new decade. What will you do with it?

Six years ago, I also started another Christian blog on WordPress, and the old me answered with great enthusiasm: “Answer God’s calling and change the world, of course!”

Six years ago I was a totally different person–a much younger person. I was a prolific little writer who was fresh out of college and had dreams of greatness. 

Six years ago I thought I had all the answers.

But I changed since then, just as the world, too, has changed. We are all a little more cynical, a little more tired, and a bit more suspicious of anyone who claims they have the solution to our current world’s problems. 

I have no such delusions. The truth is that these problems are not going anywhere. We can only offer each other means of coping. This is my way of coping with the crazyness: Flowers and Feels, a small corner of positivity in the cyberworld that celebrates beauty and love in all their forms and reminds people of the simplicity of the Christian Gospel: God is love, he loves you, you are beautiful.

Happy 2020.