Show Notes

Welcome to Feels and Flowers, a Christian podcast where your host sometimes has to wing it. No notes, just me talking [please don’t go away]. This week: listener mail!! Shoutout to Hazel A.! Also, two types of brains, unacceptable produce, and why God probably disapproves of all our pious churchgoing.

This week’s podcast is based on Genesis 4—Cain and Abel. This is my take on it and what it tells us about God’s heart. The flower of the week is actually a fruit pit: Apricot Kernel Oil! Learn about it here.

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None this week ?But if you’d like to help me transcribe it that would be amazing~!

Extra: Two types of brains Tweet

Extra: Cain and Abel Illustration

When I was a kid my mom bought us a 10 volume book set that had illustrated Bible stories. I must have read these dozens and dozens of times from beginning to end. Here is the picture of Cain and Abel I was referring to in this episode