Welcome to Feels and Flowers! We’re switching it up a bit this week and interrupting our study of Genesis to talk about Essential Oils. This week I am joined by the wonderful Liz who happens to 1: Be AWESOME, 2: Be my sister, and 3: Be stuck with me during quarantine. HA! After a rough start (hear the outtakes in the end) I’ll share with you some very important things about Essential Oils, how they must be used safely, what oils you need to start your essential oil journey, and much more! As ever, if you need to get in touch or if you have questions for our next Essential Oil Talk, email me at feelsandflowers@gmail.com. Follow me on Instagram @feelsandflowerspodcast and on Twitter @feelsandflowers. Finally, Don’t forget to subscribe to the show and tell others about it. Rate, Review, Subscribe! Love you all!