The thing about F&F is that it is making me delve deeper and think much more than I usually do about spiritual things. It’s making me pause and really come to grips with some tough questions whose answers I’ve always taken for granted. This week I am going to talk about Genesis 6.

I’ve prayed and listened to the Holy Sprit guide me all throughout the past week and a half on this subject. It’s been …. a little hard, honestly.

But I have it today (at last), though it’s going to take me more work than usual. More study, more prayer, more of God and less of me.

It took a surrendering of things that the Holy Spirit has been telling me to let go. So, early in the morning I figuratively set up my altar, set my idols and the things that keep me from truly approaching God, and set them on fire.

This week we’re going to talk about the idea of eternal punishment. Or rather, how one can find God’s love in his decision to wipe out all of His creation.

See you Wednesday.